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Wednesday 24 September 2014


A traffic cop who was caught having sex with a married woman was forced to strip naked and marched to the police station by her furious husband.

Guo Chiu was in his car having met up with love Lok Mee at a Chinese car park to have sex – but neither of them knew that Lok's husband, Mee Ch'en, was watching on from the sidelines.

Having had his suspicions confirmed, Ch'en called up a few pals to meet him and they yanked Guo out of his car, beating him with a pole and smashing up his vehicle.
Ch'en revealed: "I knew something was going on so I followed her when she went out.
"I couldn't believe it when I saw she was with a policeman. The husband wanted the cop's colleagues to know what he had done. “At least naked he has no more secrets” Mee Ch'en
"I called my pals and waited for them to turn up so we could teach him a lesson."
His lesson didn't end there, however, as the cop was then forced to strip before taking him to the police station that he worked at.
Ch'en added: "I wanted all his colleagues at the police station to know what a lying, cheating piece of low-life they have working with them. "At least naked he has no more secrets. The cop's car was smashed up after he was dragged out "He even told my wife he was the police chief, but he's not – he's just an ordinary traffic cop. "One step above a parking warden."
A police spokesman said: "Both men have been interviewed. The officer is a married man and so far he is not inclined to press charges.
"He has, however, handed in his badge and is under suspension while we investigate."

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