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Sunday 28 September 2014


Successive presidents of this country have had their own political attack dogs. These are a few people who position themselves close to the presidency and assume the role of the president’s forefront protectors and defenders of the president and his regime.

They are ruthless, arrogant and tyrannical in the way they treat and handle anybody they perceive to be opposed to their master, in this case the president and his deputy.
They isolate the president from the rest of the leadership and general citizenly. They “bark” loud and shout themselves hoarse to be heard by the master and to be seen as working. They usually have unlimited financial reasources and tools oftrade to do their thing. These include big cars, airplanes and helicopters.

 They are also heavily protected and guarded and their entourage includes chase cars. Now, let us start with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. His attack dogs included Charles Njonjo, the late Njoroge Mungai, the late Mbiyu Koinange, the late Eliud Mahihu, the late Isaiah Mathenge, Paul Ngei and Tom Mboya. Mboya was however offloaded at some stage later and assassinated after he had done enough in neutralising and “finishing” Jaramogi Oginga Odinga politically.

There were other attack dogs of less significance drawn from Kiambu Mafia.          These attack dogs isolated Kenyatta and even made him a prisoner of themselves. They were the presidency gatekeepers and nobody could access him without their authority.

On the day Mzee died, they knew he was a terribly sick man, having collapsed in a lavatory in Msambeni earlier in the day and yet instead of taking him to the hospital, they decided to take him back to State House. They decided who should be detained without trial and who should be eliminated altogether. They are the people who decided the fate of Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya and JM Kariuki.

They also decided who should be allocated which and what prime parcel of land from the Coastal beach, prime urban plots to land in the Rift Valley that was previously owned by colonial settlers. Mahihu was strategically and permanently positioned in Coast province to take care of their interests there. Isaiah Mathenge would take care of their interests in the Rift Valley.         
Daniel Moi on his part had the likes Charles Njonjo, GG Kariuki (before the two were strategically offloaded) Kariuki Chotara, Okiki Amayo, JJ Kamotho, George Saitoti, Oloo Aringo, Kuria Kanyingi and David Mwenje.

 There were other attack dogs drawn from the Rift Valley mafia, but their importance to the master was of less significance. Just like Jomo’s attack dogs, Moi’s were also very fierce, brutal, lethal, tyrannical, manipulative, intimidative and threatening. They started from where Jomo’s attack dogs left in land grabbing, corruption and other governance vices. It is important to note that Jomo’s regime at least respected the sanctity of public coffers.

On the other hand, Moi’s political attack dogs engaged massively in both land grabbing and outright theft from public coffers. They were extremely threatening and intimidative. They combined their stealing streak with a strange and embarrassing brand of sycophancy to sooth the president as they engaged in their excesses. At one time, the late Kariuki Chotara  slapped Njenga Mungai ostensibly because he did not laugh after Moi had made a joke.

As a rule, one had to laugh to a presidential joke however cold or mild. Njenga Mungai never really learnt the ropes. He was later expelled from Kanu after he sat on the presidential chair (after a presidential function in Nakuru) just to have a feeling of the chair. That is how political attack dogs  can go low and petty.         

To demonstrate how manipulative Moi’s attack dogs were, let me remind Kenyans of an incident that happened and which almost brought down Nakumatt Supermarkets. They devised and conspired of a plan to take away the supermarkets from their owner. At the time, there was an outbreak of mad cow disease. It was contracted by eating meat from an infected cow. Nakumatt was accused of having imported beef of infected cows.

The directors of the chain of supermarkets were intimidated to give up part of the shareholding or part with unspecified amount of money for the supermarket to be allowed to re-open and operate without state harassment. Only Nakumatt and the political dogs know what settlement or deal was reached for the business to be re-opened and goon with its operations.   
 Over now to Mwai Kibaki. His attack dogs included Kiraitu Murungi, Martha Karua, Danson Mungatana, Mwangi Kiunjuri, Chris Murungaru and the late Mirugi Kariuki. There were of course others drawn from Mt Kenya Mafia. Some of these attack dogs were the masterminds of the Anglo-Leasing candle. They threatened along their way.

They surrounded themselves with platoons of security agents complete with chase cars. They mislead Kibaki and made his regime hated by the same people who had voted for it to the last man. They were extremely arrogant .

They made sure the Mou between Kibaki and other Narc principals was not honoured. They edged out Raila Odinga and purported to own the Kibaki regime. They lead Kibaki into the embarrassment of the defeat of a new constitution vote the first time we attempted to have one. Their arrogance, contempt and disregard of other leaders, particularly those who did not come from Mt Kenya Region lead to the formation of ODM.         

 Lastly, let us look at the composition of Uhuru’s political attack dogs. Incidentally, Uhuru’s major attack dogs are all drawn from URP side of the coalition. Why the composition lacks TNA membership is not quite clear, but things will unfold as the regime ages. The leader of the attack dogs is Aden Duale. Other members are Kithure Kindiki, Kipchumba Murkomen and Charles Keter. This lot is extremely arrogant and intimidating. Just recently, a close ally of Uhuru Kenyatta, Jamleck Kamau was threatened  by Duale.

The height of their arrogance was displayed by Duale when used a most abusive  and insulting language on governor Isaac Rutto in the presence of the deputy president.
This lot purports to own Uhuru’s regime and the protectors of the president and his deputy. Duale has even stated that he would be willing to take Uhuru’s bullet. Of course this is not a new brand of sycophancy.

Kuria Kanyingi had at one time said he was willing to donate some years offhis life to Moi so that Moi would rule this country for more years. This group is using massive resources in their campaign to defend and protect the president and his deputy against perceived enemies of their regime.

They have managed to own the two and the two seem to have accepted the idea of being prisoners of their attack dogs. In fact with the four attack dogs, the president and his deputydo not need more enemies. They are systematically alienating the president and his deputy from the rest of leadership and citizenry. Duale has has arrogantly refused to apologise to Rutto for the derogatory language he used against him in Narok.

If he is man enough, he should repeat the insults in a public rally in Bomet or Kericho. One common feature with all political attack dogs is that they inadvertently work for the destruction of the presidency and the regime they purport to defend and protect.

 These four men are surely and systematically destroying the regime of Uhuru. They are isolating and alienating him from the rest of the leadership and citizenry. It is time they are reigned in or tamed to avoid further damage to the regime.

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