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Sunday 28 September 2014


A popular city prophetess who has been preaching near Ambasseduer Hotel for over five years claims that God recently showed her a vision where two prominent politicians die.

The prophetess named, Jemimah Wangari, claims that the two politicians have been insulting Uhuru Kenyatta and tainting the good name of the Jubilee Government with useless political gimmicks.

Wangari claims that she saw two coffins of the prominent politicians in a dream and it’s a matter of time before they kiss the ground and move to the next world.

Words of this popular prophetess should not be taken for granted since all her prophecies come true. “I got a revelation that there was going to be bloodshed after 2007-2008 general election, but my attempt to reach the top the leadership were thwarted when I was locked up for three days. From 2013, God has shown me two open coffins of powerful leaders and their names and what Kenyans and the leaders need to do, including seeking forgiveness.

For now, I can reveal that there will be bloodshed until 2016. But if the top leaders give me audience, I am ready to reveal the secret to stop their deaths,” She affirms. Wangari’s daughter , who is also  a prophet, claims that her mother’s prophecies are true and they all come pass.

“One memorable one is the Nakumatt Downtown fire incident (that claimed the lives of about 30 people in 2009). She told me it would happen while we were going to shop in town and when we alighted, it turned out to be true. Others include fire incidents at a school in Buruburu,” She claims.

From the look of things, those prominent  leaders insulting Uhuru should stop not unless they want to die as Wangari prophesies.

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