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Sunday 28 September 2014


Nairobi motorists are being warned to be careful whenever they drive to Kirinyaga Road to buy spares for their motor vehicles. Last week, a motorist was conned Sh15,000 by shop attendants and mechanics operating along Kirinyaga Road.

The conmen dressed in full overall jackets pretend to be attached to various shops, intercept clients before they even park their cars and plead to serve them. On accepting, they negotiate the price and pretend to give hefty discount of up to Sh5,000. On accepting, the client is shown a shop and asked to wait from the car as the spare is being delivered.

After a few minutes, the conmen come with the spare part and ask for the money but retains the spare and goes back with it pretending to write a receipt. Here they take client’s details and telephone number.

Within five minutes, the super conmen calls the client and a caller speaks in an Asian voice confirming if he had paid for the spare part and his full names. The “Asian” then hangs on saying the spare part is being delivered in a minute.

After a long wait and on calling the number, the client is warned never to call that number again as they even brag that the number is not registered with Safaricom and that they cannot be traced. The number that the conmen use is 0728142103. Grogan, as the road is known, has been a field of thieves and never-do-wells since time immemorial. Many have lost fortunes there.

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