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Sunday 28 September 2014


A political scheme to silence Luanda MP Chris Omulele has been hatched and is in the offing. Surprisingly, those involved happen to have been at one time his allies led by Charles Amimo who was sacked as CDF boss and Nathan Maungu, a man who says he was the coordinator of the MP’s campaign team but has since been sidelined on the advice of the legislator’s mother.

Maungu had been promised a position at the Vihiga county by the MP and has been waiting for years cursing why he wasted his time with Omulele. At times, Maungu is found talking to himself borrowing heavily from friends to make ends meet.

The dissenting voices against the MP have joined a camp allied to the chairman of the National Youth Council Dishon Atemo. The rivalry between the MP and Atemo played out in public during a burial ceremony in the constituency where the youth leader took on the legislator head on before mourners.

Close associates of the first time MP have been accusing Atemo of undermining Omulele with an eye on the seat in the envisaged 2017 elections. They dismiss Atemo as a man of no means who has no home and sleeps at Milele Plaza Hotel allegedly with twilight girls. They have pointed out that is why Atemo has surrounded himself with the MP’s detractors and political opponents and neophytes, including Khalid Njiraini. But Atemo has neither confirmed nor denied harbouring political ambition for the parliamentary seat.

Omulele had to walk away from a burial service ceremony of the late Arthur Otenyo at Ebusakami village after the youth leader tore into him before the mourners. The legislator had invited Atemo to address the mourners but instead the youth leader turned the heat on him, accusing him of sidelining youth in the constituency in decision-making.

Earlier, the MP had declined to give audience to the youth led by Atemo after he turned them away from Luanda constituency development offices. Omulele’s action angered the youth hence the decision by the youth leader to face him at the funeral.

But Omulele who fired back two days after the funeral incident said youth in the constituency are fully involved in decision-making at all levels but accused some of them of being used by his political opponents  to distract him from serving the electorate.

The MP asked Atemo and Njiraini to respect his office and follow the right channels to initiate dialogue. As war persists, members of Abamutete clan have constituted a committee to have them back one of their own come 2107. Already, one of the candidates from the clan in the 2013 polls Tom Alwaka has quit active politics to concentrate on his businesses.

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