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Friday 19 September 2014


There was drama at a City Court when wwo brothers confessed they almost killed each other over a woman. Tony Mutia, 44, and Paul Nzioka, 40, allegedly stabbed each other in public and sustained serious injuries. The court heard that the woman in question was once married to Nzioka with whom she has two children.

However, they later parted ways and she started a secret relationship with Mutia. It is alleged that on June 16, around 6pm, Nzioka busted his brother and his ex-wife at her home in Njiru.

According to witnesses, the woman had sent the kids to the shop and that is how Nzioka learnt that she was in the house with another man. Police records indicate that Nzioka waited for Mutia at the shopping centre where he attacked him with a knife.

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