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Monday 22 September 2014


It has also been discovered that much as women accuse men of being irresponsible for siring children outside wedlock, most of husbands are unknowingly raising children their wives sired with other men (sperm donors believed to have better genes).

It must also be noted that men tend to be more scandalised because, unlike women whose illegitimate children can hardly be pointed out, unless through DNA tests (which most Kenyans cannot afford), they(men) can never hide children born out of wedlock for too long. The truth is always laid bare at some point in time.

There are so many married women who have sired children outside wedlock but because of the dire consequences that would befall them, were they to reveal the truth, they dupe their husbands into believing these are actually their (husbands’) children.

Gentlemen, have you ever noticed that when you scrutinise and observe your kids, there are one or two who look ‘strange’; they neither resemble you nor your wife or any other relative? Or they have personalities that are unusual in your family — super intelligent, more handsome, taller with athletic bodies? Well, the truth is there must have been foul play.

It’s very likely that your wife sired those kids with a man with ‘better genes’ than yours. A very common thing women allegedly do, as this writer has found out.  

 Of course no man wants to hear that one of the children he feeds and who calls him dad is not his. Some men are too busy to scrutinise the finer details about their children. Unfortunately, many are bringing up ‘strangers’ thinking they are their own children.

“It is very painful to know that all along you have been feeding, educating and providing for another lazy fellow’s child, when you do not even know the fellow,” says Ken.
The million dollar question is, as a man what do you do when you discover that one of the children you have been thinking is yours is actually not yours?

“If I discover that one of the children in my house is not my flesh and blood, I even don’t know what can happen on that day to the woman,” says Sam, a teacher.

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