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Sunday 21 September 2014


A member of the Siaya county assembly has refuted allegations levelled against him that he is in a relationship with a secondary school girl and termed the claims as malicious and aimed at soiling his name as a local leader.

Pius Ombiyo of North Alego ward came out categorically and said that he has been accused of having an affair with the school girl and that he had impregnated her.
Ombiyo said that his opponents have been plotting to taint his reputations and had lined up one of his residents in the ward as tool to destroy him politically.
The Siaya MCA cited that he had reported the matter to the Criminal Investigative Department to have the truth established on the allegations and subject the person who has been maligning his name to the rule of law.
“I don’t know why my opponents are using such dirty tricks to link me with what I term as false statements,” said Ombiyo.
He added that his opponents have a tendency of sitting down and discussing issues that tend to taint his name and reputation before the electorate.
Ombiyo revealed that his opponents have been using one Obondo aka Livondo as a gun for hire to spread rumours linking him with the claims.
The MCA said some of his counterparts are making phone calls to confirm if the rumours were true. Speaking to Weekly Citizen, Ombiyo said there is no truth about the malicious propaganda and he does not know the girl that they are relating him to.
He urged his opponents to leave him alone to serve the people of North Alego and avoid cheap propaganda aimed at maligning elected leaders.
“Let me complete my term then they can come to the field we do a duel rather than spread malicious rumours and cheap propaganda that can affect me,” said Ombiyo.
He called upon his electorates to be vigilant enough and be ready to give any evidence without fearing anything to enable the CID get the truth and those behind this malicious propaganda. 

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