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Sunday 21 September 2014


Angry parents of Leseru Secondary School in Uasin Gishu district have petitioned President Uhuru Kenyatta to have the school’s principal Shadrack Ngetich prosecuted for allegedly beating up a student until he became unconscious. The student was beaten on allegations he was the ring leader of a group that was planning to burn down the school.

Ngetich hails from Ziwa in DP William Ruto’s former Eldoret North constituency.
The exasperated parents appealed to President Uhuru to  have action taken against Ngetich.
“Ngetich is a spoilt school head and he is one of those besmirching the image of education in this country. He cannot escape justice just because he is close to powerful politicians. There should be no sacred cows in this country. The student was hospitalized in Eldoret town for days,” said a bitter parent who spoke on behalf of the other parents.

“Ngetich’s beastly act is in itself primitive and belongs to the dark ages. How can he beat up a young student like a mob setting upon a robber in the streets?” the parent asked.
They said they would send a delegation to Uhuru to appeal to him to remove Ngetich from the school and have him prosecuted.

“We expect the president to give us a hearing and we believe he will not let us down in this issue. He should save us from this dangerous school head who thinks that being close to the deputy president is a ticket to violating the rights of other people with impunity. No one is above the law,” said the parent who spoke on behalf of the others.

The parents expressed fear that should Ngetich go scotfree, he is bound to repeat the same act and “beat up other students like dogs since they are not his sons”.
Investigations established that Ngetich was still firmly in the saddle.

The Form Four student was beaten unconscious by Ngetich, allegedly after some students fed the school head with wrong information that the victim was part of a group of rebellious schoolboys planning to set the institution on fire.

The student was beaten up with an iron bar on his head, legs, hands and body by the principal, who later handed the boy to his teachers for further thrashing in the staffroom, until he slumped into unconsciousness.

Teachers at the Leseru Secondary School said to have beaten up the students senseless on orders of the principal were allegedly identified as Biwott Jackson, Kibaba Harrison, Nickson Koech and John Kosgey.

Ngetich, who wanted to vie for the deputy gubernatorial position in Uasin Gishu county in the last general elections, later called the student’s mother Monica Suge to inform her that her son had been set upon by a mob and was seriously injured.

Suge was lost for words on receiving the information and failed to understand what catastrophe had befallen her son, when she had earlier settled all his school fees for the whole year.
Sources confided to Weekly Citizen that the principal held the victim and his colleague in the school’s quarters overnight and mercilessly beat them up with an iron bar.

The helpless duo was injured on their bodies, but Suge’s son was in worse condition.
“I was informed that morning that my son fainted, and was helped by an officer who picked him and his colleague from the school and put both of them into a police vehicle,” Suge told Weekly Citizen, her face riddled with an expression of pain, anger and disbelief.

Authorities at the school are said to have ganged up with the police over the student’s beating and in covering-up the matter.
Police took the two students to Baharini Police Station in their own vehicle on accusations of attempted arson instead of taking them to hospital first for treatment, despite the fact that the students were badly injured.

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