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Sunday 21 September 2014


A non-government organisation boss in Kakamega county is locked in a child maintenance row with a woman who claims the man has refused to help his three daughters.
Send a Cow Country director Titus Sagala is accused of neglecting the needs of the children he allegedly sired with Clair Amoit while he was a civil servant in Butere.

Speaking as tears flowed down her cheeks, Amoit said Sagala had refused to pick her calls or answer her texts asking for money for subsistence and upkeep of the children.

“Titus has changed since he got married. He is accusing me of showing people Mpesa messages he has sent me and that is why he doesn’t want to help his kids,” said Clair.

She claimed that the man, who is at the helm of the NGO with offices in Kakamega town, could not buy food and cloths for the children.
“I have tried everything, including going to court but I was so frustrated in the corridors of justice and I don’t even know how far the case has gone,” she lamented.

“All had been well but when her husband even during his father’s funeral, refused to speak to her or his daughters and just drove off to Kitale where he has another wife, I realised things had changed,” she said.
Clair who was sobbing all the time said she had resorted to make the matter public since she was undergoing frustrations even at the Children Department in Butere after what she claims to be  interference by her husband.

Weekly Citizen established that “Send a cow” is an organisation working to help widows and children living in poverty and orphans. It is registered in the UK as a charity organisation.

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