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Sunday 28 September 2014


Angry parents in Vihiga county demonstrated recently baying for the blood of an amorous deputy principal who allegedly went out on a night escapade with his girl student at a local joint.
The parents barricaded the gates of Mbihi Secondary School looking for the deputy head whom they threatened to lynch for luring the 19-year-old Form Four student to a lodging room at Chavakali town.
It is now claimed that the deputy has impregnated the girl who has come out in public to spill the beans saying that this was the fifth time to have sex with the teacher and that they never used condom.
The girl’s parent said his daughter came home claiming to be sick and he gave her money to seek treatment at Vihiga District Hospital but instead the girl who had prior arrangement with the deputy head proceeded to Chavakali.
He said a person who knew the girl rang him at night after he saw the student with the teacher at a popular drinking spot. He then proceeded to the school the next morning but the daughter was not at the institution with the school authorities confirming they had issued her with a sick leave chit out of school and she was yet to report back.
The father had to wait at the school gate and was shocked when her daughter was dropped by a boda boda motorcycle operator at about 9 am. The student was equally shocked to see her father and amid sobs, she admitted she had spent a night with the deputy head teacher whom she said had been making sexual advances on her since she joined the school. She said she was forced to give in after the teacher threatened to frustrate her academically if she refused his advances.
The school principal Benard Mudome said investigations had been launched into the incident. Vihiga Kuppet executive secretary Fred Mayabi who was in a meeting when asked for his comment sent a text message expressing his shock over the incident.

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