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Thursday 25 September 2014


They say the writings are on the wall but to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Mbuvi, the writings are on the head. As millions of Kenyans Continue to pile pressure on president Uhuru Kenyatta not to honour the ICC summons to appear before the judges at The Hague, Sonko has come out to speak loudly through a hair cut with writings “ RAIS USIENDE ICCI”.

The October 8 summons issued by the ICC requesting President Uhuru to attend a status conference has continued to meet stiff resistance from Kenyans from all walks of life including opposition MPs.

Sonko who is a well-known Uhuru supporters and whom he fondly referred to as DIGITAL PRESIDENT is among the millions of Kenyans who are opposed to the summons and is now urging the ICC to use video link rather than have the democratically president travel all the way to the Hague for a status conference.

“I consider this decision to summon H.E Uhuru Kenyatta the President and Commander in Chief of the defense Forces of the Republic of Kenya for Status conferences as a plot by the ICC to humiliate and embarrass not only the President but the people of Kenya and by extension the African Continent”. Said Sonko.

Sonko now says that rather than having the President travel all the way to The Hague, it is only fair that the Status conference be conducted through video link from State House Nairobi or from the President’s residence. Status conference is not trial as it is just a forum where procedural, house-keeping matters are discussed.

It is worth noting that the Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is in record for having publicly admitted that her team has been hit by lack of evidence against H.E Uhuru. Recently, we witnessed the confession by several witnesses that they were literally bribed to give false evidence against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Sang.

“Summoning H.E Uhuru is basically to save the prosecutor’s dwindling fortune with the case and is therefore just meant to divert attention away from the self-inflicted humiliation that the prosecution team has gone through. It is therefore just a pure PUBLIC RELATIONS exercise that is meant to save the face of ICC and to embarrass the people of Kenya” said Sonko.

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