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Sunday 29 March 2015

Drama as Kitui Knut man flees teachers

Chaos erupted at Tulia zone sports day in Kitui when Kitui Knut branch executive secretary Joseph Makuthu was booed and heckled by teachers. According to sources, Mathuku who allegedly appeared drunk had tried to convert the sports meeting into a campaign platform and accused Kitui branch chairman Samuel Kathinuku of pocketing BBF and education scheme fund.
Unbeknown to Mathuku, teachers called Kathinuku and informed him that he was under attack at the sports meet with all sorts of accusations being leveled against him. Kathinuku shortly showed up at the venue with BEC members in tow but on seeing Kathinuku, Makuthu made a beeline from the field to the school where he hid in a classroom as school teachers followed him and challenged him to go to the field where Kathinuku was and substantiate his allegations.
On realising that teachers were about to drag him to the field, Mathuku fled the school with teachers in hot pursuit. Teachers accused Makuthu of not calling BBF elections, BBF board meeting or a teachers AGM for the last 13 years. When they demand for elections, they said, Makuthu allegedly threatens to create other electoral zones.
Teachers also accuse Makuthu of lately bragging that he will be going to the head office and so he should not be pestered with small teachers’ issues. What Makuthu calls small issue, a teacher claimed, is complaints by teachers that they are now forced to repay a loan that Makuthu took at Kitui Teachers’ Sacco but defaulted.
Retirees of Kitui are also accusing Makuthu of not paying them.

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