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Sunday 29 March 2015

Kwale MCA to contest for Lunga Lunga seat 2017

A Kwale rep has announced his intention to contest for the Lunga Lunga parliamentary seat whose current MP is Khatib Mwashetani of Ford Kenya.
Kassim Pojo who has been chief campaigner for the MP has broken ranks and turned into a fierce critic of Mwashetani’s style of leadership. Pojo who is a representative of Mwereni ward says he has disengaged himself from the MP because he does not want to be part of the mess that his leadership has turned into.
“Almost all the CDF contracts are being awarded to the MP’s sisters and cousins from Mombasa. The CDF manager himself is an outsider who hails from another constituency in the county. Part of the bursary allocation meant to benefit children from Lunga Lunga constituency has been re-routed to Matuga and Mombasa,” said Pojo
He said Lunga Lunga constituency needs an indigenous person to steer it to greater heights of development. Pojo said last week that he fits the bill of being the leader the people are looking for. He boasted that he has valuable political experience  having entered politics in 2002.
People interviewed in the border constituency claimed Mwashetani has let them down. They said the MP apart from missing in action in the area, he is a lone ranger.
Additionally, Mwashetani has an outsider tag still hanging around his neck like the sword of Damocles. A section of voters claim he does not hail from the constituency, accusing him of not even having a home in the area. They further claim the house he began to built when he was seeking for votes, he later sold it immediately he got elected to parliament and since then been operating from Mombasa some 100 kilometres away.
The constituency is inhabited by three main ethnic blocs namely the Digo, Duruma and Kamba. And in terms of voting strength, the Digos are the majority with 13,000 votes followed by the Kambas at 12,000 and Durumas 9,000. In total as at now, the constituency has 34,404 voters spread across four wards namely Pongwe/Kikoneni, Dzombo, Mwereni and Vanga.

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