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Tuesday 31 March 2015


TWO naked prostitutes were caught having sex with clients when police raided a Bradford brothel after complaints from the neighbours.
Romanian national Anisora Roncea and her colleague, who had jumped bail and fled the country, were arrested in the house in Brompton Road, West Bowling, Bradford, on October 26 last year.
Bradford Crown Court heard today that their two customers, and two other men, were apprehended in the police raid but not charged.
Roncea, 26, pleaded guilty to keeping a brothel for the purposes of prostitution and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with a low level probation service activity requirement.
Prosecutor Nigel Jamieson told the court that police went to the property after local tip-offs that it was being run as a brothel.
"The defendant was naked and engaged in sexual activity with a customer and her colleague was in a similar position," Mr Jamieson said.
The police found condoms and baby oil in the bedrooms and seized £585 from Roncea's purse.
There were nine mobile phones at the house that rung constantly and were linked to a website set up to advertise the brothel.
Mr Jamieson said Roncea's name was on the house tenancy agreement. She had signed it on September 4, 2014, about six weeks before the police raided the address.
The court heard that the brothel was reported to the police by concerned neighbours.
A father of three young children complained of "men coming and going at all times," and another local resident said "men hang around in cars outside the house at all hours of the day."
Mr Jamieson said Roncea and her colleague had been self-employed and did not exploit anyone else by persuading them to work in the sex trade. She was not a 'madam' that made a significant commercial benefit but the business was making money.
He asked Judge Peter Benson to make a confiscation order in the same amount as the cash seized from Roncea's purse. The money was already in the hands of the police.
Michael Reeves, solicitor advocate for Roncea, said she had no previous convictions, except an offence under The Bail Act when she went missing for a while after her arrest.
He co-accused had disappeared completely and was believed to have left the UK.

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