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Sunday 29 March 2015

Nyong’o unseen hand in county political feuds

Endless political squabbles prevalent in Kisumu county are allegedly attributed to Kisumu senator Anyang Nyong’o. Sources claim how an elaborate plan has been finalised to give Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma sleepless nights. Nyong’o plunged into politics in the advent of pluralism through then Ford under the tutelage of doyen of opposition politics the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.
The political fortunes of the  professor are said to be fast diminising after reportedly alienating himself from voters who say he is inaccessible to them. During his stint as Kisumu Rural MP when constituents confronted him with issues bedevilling them he would tell them that he had no time for small village matters but was only preoccupied with  removing Kanu from power. An Auditor General’s report at one time revealed how the then MP allegedly used one of his cronies now an MCA in Kisumu county to make dubious payments which ended up in their pockets. For instance Sh5.8m was paid to two people in unclear circumstances and without any documentation. The report further revealed that Sh11m was allocated to projects that were not advertised or done. Contractors were single sourced by the CDF committee directly without the involvement of project management committees or the Public Works office to supervise, the report said. It further reveals that Sh4m was allegedlly allocated to Nyong’o Secondary  School.
All the legislative agendas at the county assembly have stalled allegedly owing to frustrations orchestrated byNyong’o through his  political adviser  who also happens to be the husband of the embattled speaker Ann Adul. Pundits say the speaker  hangs by a thread because of Nyong’o’s influence which is said to be extending upto the senate but whether Adul will prevail remains to be seen. The senator has currently turned on a new but thorough strategy to use the process of a petition to the senate to intimidate Ranguma in order to allow him take control and immobilise the incumbent as he angles for 2017 polls.
 Nyong’o is also alleged to be bitter with Ranguma for refusing to employ some of his cronies who were failures in last elections. He is alleged to have personally drafted the petition and the three MCAs who presented it were just but  proteges. Residents of the county now claim that the senator who seeks to run as a governor in 2017, at times presents a facade of a  sensible, outstanding, principled and respectable intellectuel worth adoring, but his tendencies depict a masked reality of an spiteful, selfish and oppressive despot with no regard for his fellow leaders and an open display of disdain for the masses.
The  immediate former ODM secretary general, it is said, is a lucky man who has never been in the rigours of  party nominations since 1997 but has always been religiously handed the ticket may be due to loyalty, blackmail or trickery.

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