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Sunday 29 March 2015

Oparanya plants spies in county assembly

Drama unfolded in Kakamega county assembly after the otherwise calm place was turned into a shouting ground by angry reps after they discovered that one of their colleagues allegedly was a traitor.
Alex Khamasi the United Democratic Front nominated member of the county assembly from Shinyalu constituency was accused by his fellow members  of  secretly recording the assemblies proceedings and taking them to the Kakamega county governor Wycliffe Oparanya.
This the members said had led to bad blood between the supporters of the governor and his critics in the assembly. A thing that they said had seen the governor stage unending war against rebel reps after listening to the recordings from one of his mole.
This was revealed by the disgruntled members who were at one time aligned to Khamasi after they discovered that he was the only beneficiary of the governor’s goodies turning into a millionaire overnight as they languished in financial quagmire servicing their huge loans.
Khamasi at the time of the revelation of his alleged misdeeds had been waging a war that was bound to see the leader of minority Titus Kwoma unceremoniously exit through a censure motion.
However this was not realised as he became the subject of discussion before the motion could see the light of the day.  
Khamasi who was seated in manner that suggested he wanted to run away from the assembly with charged members wetted his pants on discovering that the MCAs had further established he was a supplier of snacks and beverages in the assembly and the assembly was losing millions through the exaggerated prices as a 300ml soda that costs Sh25 at retail was being supplied at Sh50 while a piece of samosa locally at Sh25 was allegedly selling at a whopping Sh300 and it became a matter of investigation with the assembly setting up a 15-member committee to investigate the matter.
The members expressed their shock on the revelations with the Manda-Shivanga representative Mark Marindi demanding that Khamasi be punished.
The leader of minority said that they had written to the party’s headquarters office so that it could take necessary disciplinary actions which includes expulsion from the party.
Khamasi when asked maintained that he was innocent and blamed the whole scenario on political detractors who were envying of his closeness with the governor and his fast growing political career.
The Kakamega county government has been hard on those who seem to criticise Oparanya of leadership which they accuse of biasness in resource distribution.
Top on the list is the Mahiakalo ward representative and former deputy speaker Cleophas Malala who was at one time manhandled by Oparanya’s jeshi in a funeral function and the leader of minority Titus Kwoma who is also the Chekalini ward MCA.
However they have maintained that they will fight to the end to see to it that the corrupt county government clique is thrown out of office.

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