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Sunday 29 March 2015

Tame your tongue, Jubilee man tells Omar

A Jubilee official in Mombasa wants Senator Hassan Omar to desist from frequent attacks on the Jubilee administration.
Farid Swaleh who is the Coast region TNA coordinator has accused Omar of seeking to create a political career out of abusing top Jubilee leaders.
“I am surprised that Omar has perfected the art of ridiculing the leadership of our president whenever he opens his mouth to talk at political meetings. It is incumbent upon each one of us whether in the opposition or government to demonstrate utmost respect for the institution of presidency for it is the unifying factor of our country,” said Farid in Mombasa upon his arrival from China late last week.
Farid claimed Omar’s harsh criticism of the government is out of the false believe that doing so would make him popular among voters. He said the senator had lost political direction and that voters were looking forward to 2017 to teach him a political lesson.
He claimed the senator who was recently appointed Wiper party secretary general has no grassroots support in Mombasa as he was only playing national politics while neglecting the people who voted for him.
Farid said he would stand against Omar in the coming general elections ‘to bring forth a fresh leadership’ to the people of Mombasa.
“If you look at Nairobi and other counties, the senators are busy serving the people but in Mombasa, the senator is either on a foreign trips or having a good time in Nairobi and the voters hardly see him.

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