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Monday 30 March 2015

Man catches his wife working as prostitute after she claimed to be working as waitress

A man was horrified when he walked in on his wife receiving money to sleep with another man.
The man of Gweru, Zimbabwe, was left speechless after he allegedly discovered that his wife had been selling her body for six months without his knowledge.
Tatenda Nyika, 32, was married to Miriam Dube, 28, for four years. The couple fell on hard time and were unable to pay their bills.
Nyika was overjoyed when his wife told him that she had found a new job as a waitress in the city where she will do the night shift.
Nyika said he was glad that the family finally had a stable source of income.
However, after six months at her job, a friend of Nyika spotted the wife in the city and dressed as a sex worker.
Apparently, it was not the first time he heard the allegations, but when it came from a close friend, Nyika decided to see for himself.
“I kept hearing it from a lot of people, so I decided to follow my wife to her work place and I caught her in the act with another man,” said Nyika.
Oscar Tafara, 48, was caught red-handed with his pants down with Dube.
Nyika allegedly beat his wife and her client.
Tafara said he did nothing wrong as he paid for the services that were provided to him and he had no knowledge that Dube was married.
Dube denied being a prostitute and explained that she was just having a conversation with Tafara about business. However, the evidence showed otherwise.

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