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Sunday 29 March 2015

Mijikenda group advocates for lasting peace in Coast

Mijikenda council of elders want all communities in the Coast region to co-exist harmoniously in order to maintain peace for fast economic development.
The council’s patron Julius Saha says the emergence of groups such as Mombasa Republican Council, the Al Shabaab linked attacks and general insecurity has negatively affected tourism which is the economic mainstay of the region.
Speaking in Mombasa, Saha said even though grievances of marginalisation against the Coastal communities maybe real, the method of sorting out the issue should be dialogue based.
“Violence cannot solve problems faced by Coast people, we should pursue peace at all times like it has been in the past. We are also talking with the government to appoint Coast people in key positions and to also create jobs for the youth as one way of making them feel they are part of the government,” said Saha who hails from Rabai, Kilifi county.
He criticised some Coast politicians for misusing and misinforming the youth in the region for their own selfish political ambitions. Saha said every leader should be committed to peace efforts to help restore tourism and other economic sectors that are threatened with collapse. 
Saha intervened early last year when Coast politicians incited the people to reject thousands of title deeds which Uhuru Kenyatta issued to landless Coastals.

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