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Monday 30 March 2015



Administration Police in Ruiru subcounty, Kiambu, yesterday arrested a pastor.
Anthony Mutua allegedly sodomised a 24-year-old man who was sent to him for prayers.
Ruiru subcounty AP commander Hesbon Lusweti said the victim went to the pastor’s house in Kitambaya estate in Ruiru.
Mutua is a pastor at Upendo Pentecostal Church in Kahawa Wendani.
He allegedly told the man he cannot secure a job because he is possessed by demons.
Mutua then allegedly told him the only way to exorcise the demons is through sodomy. To which he ‘agreed’.
After being ‘exorcised’ three times, the man was asked to go home and wait.
Mutua told him he would get a call from an employer in a week’s time.
After a week, and no calls from any potential employer, the man reported the matter to the police.
Lusweti said they then proceeded to the pastor’s house and arrested him.
After interrogation, Mutua admitted to having sodomised the man, police said.
He was arrested and taken to Ruiru police station.
The man was taken to Ruiru Level Four Hospital for examination.
Lusweti said Mutua would be taken to court today.

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