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Sunday 29 March 2015

National Chamber wrangles intensify

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Kiprono Kittony has been accused of imposing himself in the position he currently occupies.
Urging him to relieve himself of his position to pave way for elections, a Nakuru KNCCI delegate Kings Maina claims that Kittony and his vice chairman Laban Rao have integrity questions besides having not been elected as per the chamber regulations.
The chamber chairman has also been accused of bankrolling some of the organisation officeholders to conduct elections and file elections returns that gave rise to a civil case  pending in a Nairobi court.
The suit court orders allegedly disobeyed by Kittony according to Maina are some of the basis for the chamber chairman’s integrity issues.
The pressure also emanates from Kenya Law reports of 2004 where Kittony is in record to have defrauded Kenya Post Office savings bank Sh1,757,263 in 1997.
“This is so because the two Nairobi court cases in which Kiprono Kittony and Laban Onditti are named as 3rd contemnors is pending finalisation just because neither Kittony nor Laban attend court session,” lamented Maina who was briefing the press over the KNCCI contributions in the Nakuru town.
Maina said their organisation’s articles of association condemns anyone with integrity issues adding that the elections of Kittony as national chairman of the chamber neglected the fact that he was instrumental in bankrupting Kenya according to the 2004 Law reports over his case with the Kenya Post Office savings bank.
The Nakuru chamber delegates also maintain that the same Onditi has never given an account of chamber branch computerisation schemes when the late Kassim Owango was national chairman.
Also dogging the integrity record of Onditi is the part he took in an alleged fraudulent disposal of  20 acres the late Francis Macharia procured from the Moi government on which Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry was to build a 20 storey World Trade Centre for Eastern Central and South Africa.
The charged Maina further claims that the KNCCI vice chairman Onditi while National 1st vice chairman under David Githere is said to have fraudulently sold a chamber plot in Mombasa whose sale proceeds he has never given account so far.
Onditi according to Maina is yet to explain to members over an alleged expropriating of revenue from Nairobi.
The impounding is said to have taken place at the gateway to Eastern and Central Africa Expo held in 2003 to 2005 at KICC Nairobi.
The accusations come at a time when Kittony and Rao are out campaigning for the chamber elections.
The Nakuru branch now calls for their colleagues from other counties not to participate in the exercise without audited annual accounts which have never been published since 1994.

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