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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Kenya MP Caught Having Sex With University Students in his car

Another MP has been exposed and is alleged to have been dumped by his mistress after he was caught red handed enjoying the fruits of a Campus student who was looking for a rich man.
The MP from Rift Valley is in great distress and confused. This is because his long-term and Closest Mistress quitted the relationship after realizing he was dating university students.
‘Madam wa Boss’ was also behind all the MP’s Facebook updates on College opportunities, employment vacanices and His weekend Diaries making him famous among the Youth: she is well connected and used her connections to link the Youth to various colleges making everyone think the MP is hardworking.
When the MP realised the lady was totally gone from his life, he resorted to writing insults to the Lady.
Since she left there has not been any major update or feedback from the MP’s facebok pages except a few diary updates of where he will be in the constituency.
The MP is so stressed to an extent he has resorted to heavy drinking and switching off his phone most of the time for he cannot run his politics on his own.
His greatest fear is his personal secrets and political life that the lady knows especially on his Corruption files, affairs with University students (Divas for Rich men), his laziness and lies.

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