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Monday 30 March 2015

Drama queens: Shocker of married men who like being babied

Men used to have more money than women back in the day. To keep love alive and flowing in marriage, wives had no choice but to be ridiculously submissive, through strange gestures like helping husbands dress up when leaving and undress upon arriving home, as a way of charming them (especially the tight-fisted ones) into opening their fat wallets. However, due to the dynamics of the modern day division of labour where most women, like their husbands, bring home the bacon, things have changed. Wives, just like their working husbands, get home when they are extremely tired. And the last thing they want is to ‘babysit’ husbands by doing everything for them, including simple things they can do by themselves. Childish hubbies A few overburdened women have put their feet down, and successfully staged ‘coups’ in their homes and now call the shots. And true to form, many married men have lost control of their homes, and have since been turned into figureheads. Take, for instance, the tale told of a husband, secretly suffering in a Nairobi estate. Whenever he messes around, his wife allegedly beats him up while screaming, “Wuuuii Ngai fafa! Ndiri na u?ru (Don’t kill me God! I have no bad intentions!),” creating the impression that she is the one being beaten. This, she does knowing very well men never cry, at least loudly. Even if he were to tell people his wife batters him, who would believe him, anyway? Thus, she plays victim to sympathetic neigbours the following day, but firmly remains in control of the household. Interestingly, such is the case in many homes.

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