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Sunday 29 March 2015

Kilifi governor declares war on Mung’aro

Embattled Kilifi county governor Amason Kingi has declared war on members of parliament from the area who are opposed to his leadership.
According to sources, uppermost on the list of opponents is Kilifi North MP Gedion Mung’aro whom the governor is monitoring closely ever since he indicated he is interested in the governor’s position 2017.
Mung’aro is currently in trouble after the Director of Public Prosecutions directed that he be investigated over a land case in his constituency. The MP is said to have endorsed a list of squatters to be allocated land in his constituency, something that has landed him in trouble.
The MP’s supporters believe the governor in one way or the other is behind Mung’aro’s predicament. The county chief is reportedly a close ally of Malindi Italian tycoons who are embroiled in a dispute with Mung’aro over a piece of land at Chembe Kibabamche settlement scheme.
Ironically, it is Mung’aro who is said to have made it possible for Kingi to become Kilifi county governor in the last general elections. It is said Mung’aro used his influence, connections and financial power to convince hostile voters to back Kingi who was the ODM flag bearer.
At the time, it is said, voters were angry with Kingi over his alleged poor leadership and development record when he served as Magarini MP and as a minister in the coalition government.
Mung’aro’s schemes to oust him in the next elections has reportedly caused discomfort in the governor’s camp. Initially, Kingi was reportedly not bothered by reports that Mung’aro would oppose him, until the MP enrolled in the university to acquire a degree, which is a prerequisite for any aspirant for the position.
The fear is, Mung’aro is well known and highly respected in the entire county and in the event of him contesting would do serious damage on the political future of Kingi.
Observers say Kingi is not well grounded at the grassroots and uprooting him from the post may not require a lot of scheming. However, sources point out that he is heavily endowed financially. 
Apart from Mung’aro, others on the political hit list of the governor in 2017 is Kilifi senator Stewart Madzayo, women rep Mishi Jumwa, MPs Daniel Kazungu (Malindi) and Mustafa Idd (Kilifi South).
It is said the governor has no time for senator Madzayo whom he refers to as a political greenhorn. Both are lawyers who initially practised in the city of Mombasa. At one time, Kingi was an intern in Madzayo’s law firm.
However, Kingi does not trust Madzayo whom he sees as being too close to Mung’aro. Additionally, the senator’s criticism of the county government over corruption issues last year did not go down well with the governor.
It is said Kingi is already grooming a university lecturer to take on Madzayo in 2017 to teach him a political lesson.
Another politician on Kingi’s radar is Iddi. The former NTV sports anchor is not in the good books of the governor after  hosting William Ruto in his constituency more than once.
According to Kingi, giving Ruto a foothold is a betrayal of Mustafa’s ODM party that sponsored him to parliament. At the same time, Idd is a close ally of Mung’aro together with whom they have been denouncing the leadership of Cord leader Raila Odinga.
But observers say, removing Mustaffa will not be an easy task as he has politically insulated his political base with development. The MP is praised for initiating various development projects in his constituency and the expenditure of CDF in a transparent manner.
Kazungu does not also get on well with the governor like before. He listens to Mung’aro more than the governor.
But Kingi reportedly does not have problems with four other MPs from the county namely Peter Shehe (Ganze), William Kamoti (Rabai), Garama Kombe (Magarini) and  Gunga Mwinga (Kaloleni).
The MPs even though not supportive of the governor are neither his critics. The county government has not initiated any projects in their constituencies but they do not complain, it is said.

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