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Monday 30 March 2015

Why a third of women fake sexual pleasure

A shocking new poll reveals that 67% of women fake their orgasms - either to spare their partners feelings, or because they just wanted to put a stop to the romp.
The research, commissioned by Cosmopolitan, quizzed 2,300 women on their sex lives.
When asked why they would fake the orgasms, 28% said they did not want to leave their partner embarrassed, while 27% just wanted to put an end to the sex.
The data also suggests that 95% of women's partners achieved orgasms every time they had intercourse - while 72% of women quizzed admitted that their partners have climaxed by themselves without their assistance during sex.
The survey asked women what age they experienced their first orgasm - with 27% saying it was between the age of 17 and 19.
Those polled were also asked why they felt they were not getting to that point of sexual pleasure
50% of women said they could not 'quite get over the edge' while 35% said they were not getting the right kind of stimulation from their partner.
A third of women admitted that they were too concerned with how they looked themselves to have an orgasm.
Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr Hall has previously said that perceptions on how women reach orgasm are misunderstood.
She said: "Everybody assumes that a woman can have an orgasm, but it's more rare through penetration.
"Only 20 to 30 percent of women have orgasm with intercourse, which may mean that 70 percent of women may be feeling pressure to fake.

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