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Monday 13 October 2014


South Mugirango MP Manson Oyongo is the first MP to publicly declare his interest in the seat of Kisii county governorship 2017. Oyongo contested the South Mugirango seat on a Ford-Kenya ticket in 1992 but lost until  he sang the Ford-People song, a popular party in the region associated with the area kingpin Simeon Nyachae.
Oyongo who won a by-election in 2010  on Ford-P says he now needs an elevation to county’s top leadership.
South Mugirango residents say Oyongo has linked South Mugirango with the rest of neighbouring constituencies and counties through road networks during his tenure.
The University of Nairobi-trained economist has opened health facilities with drugs with CDF in all locations of South Mugirango.
He entered parliament through Ford-People and immediately declared support for Raila Odinga which also shocked the party echelons.
Oyongo fought from within to win Ford-People chairmanship from which he was later edged out in a coup that eventually made him to return to Cord  alliance from where he won the seat with the highest number of votes in Kisii and Nyamira. The Ford-P chairmanship was taken to former planning cabinet minister Henry Obwocha.
Those close to Oyongo say when he declares an interest in anything, the ballot always determines the results for him. Oyongo says he is not satisfied with the way Kisii governor James Ongwae is handling the county and feels more qualified to manage it. He is set to face Ongwae and Charles Nyachae if Charles happens to run for the seat. Locals however say Ongwae is not a pushover thanks to his development. Oyongo is said to be bitter the young Nyachae has been fronting a former district commissioner to oppose him for the parliamentary seat come 2017. With Nyachae likely to run, he wants to spoil for him in the governor’s race. Deputy governor Joash Maangi is also laying strategies for the big county seat.

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