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Monday 13 October 2014


An advocate has been operating without valid Law Society of Kenya certificate since January this year contrary to society act and rules.
The fortieth day of a thief seems to have come earlier than its due date for the lawyer who has been operating without a valid certificate in Oyugis court. He was served with the LSK details report of his records a few seconds before the magistrate called a file in which he was to represent a client. 
The lawyer who is said to have created a cartel in Oyugis Law Courts frustrating the course of justice through his outside-of-the-court maneuvers was caught unawares by a crafty complainant in a case where the said advocate was representing a group of respondents.  
It is alleged that the advocate’s queer behaviour made the complainant seek his records from the LSK as he is said to have formed a habit of collecting money from his clients to bribe court officers to help him win cases unfairly.
The advocate mannerisms not befitting a learned friend made the complainant appear with his lawyer from Nairobi and through the capital city-based lawyer, he was served making hunter become the hunted much to the amusement of onlookers.
Immediately he read the LSK letter, he nearly fainted. The incident forced the magistrate to adjourn the case as good samaritans tried to do First Aid to the advocate.
The advocate has not been seen at the court since then and he is said to have gone underground fearing arrest. Human rights activists are planning to go to court to give judicial notice for a review of cases the advocate has been representing since January and to request the court to declare all the cases null and void.

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