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Sunday 19 October 2014


A fresh war has erupted between Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor and office of his predecessor Ochieng Daima after the former attacked his rival’s top aide for allegedly being behind rumours of a secret love affair between the MP and a cleaner at his CDF office.  
Philemon Ochieng, who is the personal assistant of former Nyakach MP made an official report at Pap-Onditi Police Station with claims that he was attacked by the furious MP.
According to Ochieng, the ugly incident played out before his boss and other mourners recently during the burial of Doris Akoth and he was forced to make a quick report after his attacker warned “action against me should the rumours keep on flying”.
Prior to the incident, the constituency had remained awash with rumours to the effect that the MP of parliament had eloped with one “Nyaringa’’, a junior staff at his Pap-Onditi CDF office, an issue that is said to have caused tension between the woman and her husband.
According to the rumours , the highly speculated illicit love affair between the duo can be traced back to during last year’s campaigns and graduated to full blown affair when the Aduma won the post and immediately rewarded the woman with a cleaning position at the office.
It is claimed that the MP has rented her an apartment at Tom Mboya Estate, one of the posh estates in Kisumu and she is said to be communicating daily from Kisumu to her work place which is several kilometres away raising many question financial logic behind the arrangement given the woman’s job description.
The MP vehemently denied any existence of such an affair and has maintained that the rumours have been manufactured by his predecessor with the aim of bringing his downfall.
“I know very well that the rumours have been created by my political rivals but I am confident of beating them hands down in the next general elections just like in the last general elections when I showed them dust despite ganging up against me,” he said during a telephone interview with this writer that lasted more than six minutes as he defended himself.
On an ugly incident in which the MP’s parents met a brutal death at Nyakach home, he quipped that “my political enemies have done enough damage to me and they should now leave me alone to serve my voters”.
He wondered why the police have not made any attempts to summon him to record statements despite such serious allegations being levelled against him by rivals.
Ochieng said that his main intention of reporting the threat to the police was not to have the MP arrested but to put matters on record should anything befall him.

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