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Sunday 26 October 2014


Even as Kalonzo Musyoka breathed fire at Wiper NEC on the so-called party malcontents, details are emerging of how the party leader has been issuing secret orders on the MCAs that the MCAs say sit in conflict with the picture Kalonzo painted at the NEC. A seemingly worked-up Kalonzo shocked the reps when he apparently turned against them and laid the blame of the impeachment of Kivutha Kibwana of Muungano on them yet some say it was the former VP himself who allegedly directed them on phone from South Africa to take the course they took in Makueni.
During the party’s NEC meeting held at the party’s headquarters, a resolution was passed to recall Machakos leader of majority Joshua Mwonga and his Makueni counterpart Francis Mutuku. Mutuku was accused of being behind the impeachment of Kibwana. To the ordinary Kenyan observing the NEC from afar, Kalonzo was siding with Kibwana. To those in the know however, that can never be further from the truth. On being informed of what had transpired at the Wiper NEC, Kibwana reportedly shook his head for a whole 30 minutes and when he finally found words, he said that he will never trust the word of a fellow human being until his last moment on this earth.
According to Kibwana, it was none other than Kalonzo himself who engineered his fall. Kibwana cited a conversation he had with a Wiper nominated woman rep from Kaiti a one Kavasania who is his great friend and whom, on the day of his impeachment, he had asked whether she was also going to betray him being such a good friend. To his shock, Kibwana says, Kavasania told him that she had orders from the party leader whom she owed her post, to vote against Kibwana. It is against this background that Kibwana dismisses as petty theatre the so-called dressingdown of reps by Kalonzo at the NEC.
It is imperative to note that 22 Wiper reps voted for the impeachment of Kibwana even as Kalonzo loudly publicly warned against impeaching Kibwana which raised queries as to whether it was a case of rebellion or their were other directives issued secretly and the public exhortations were simply a smokescreen. Those of the view that there were other orders cite the fact that Kalonzo at the NEC said that all illiterate nominated Wiper reps will be degazetted which was seen by Kavasania and her ilk who are illiterate as dumping after being used.
Also raising queries was why Wiper reps were being threatened with expulsion for impeaching Kibwana yet Kibwana is not from Wiper. The reps now say that it is actually Kalonzo who should be deemed to have defected because he is openly campaigning for a Muungano party governor when he is in Wiper which is against the political parties Act.
Also warned during the meeting were MPs Regina Ndambuki of Kilome, Kisoi Munyao of Mbooni, Joe Mutambu of Mwingi Central and John Munuve of Mwingi North who are perceived as Jubilee sympathisers in Wiper. Wiper nominated MP Bishop Mutemi whom Kalonzo has reportedly engineered a case in court to remove through one of the Wiper party youths a one David Ndwiga from Embu. According to Kalonzo, when Cord lost in the last general elections, all party parliamentary nominees were supposed to turn down their nominations until the party was asked to nominate somebody. It is said that after denominating Mutemi, Kalonzo will take the seat by having the others whose names Wiper forwarded to IEBC for nomination before the elections forgo the chance until the party is told to bring a fresh list. Mutemi represents the physically challenged and as such Kenyans wonder why Kalonzo is not sensitive to the disabled of Ukambani. Why take a crippled and a physically challenged person to court to snatch a parliamentary seat from him? Kambas ask. 
The case number is 497 at Milimani Law Court. Kamba community elders are said to be unhappy with the Mutemi case which they say can bring a curse on the community for many years to come if the community supports it. Reports from Wiper secretariat are that Kalonzo ordered that the case should be kept secret. Kalonzo has stopped the secretariat from sending its lawyers to defend Mutemi. This as reports have it, starting this week, elders and christians from Ukambani will start prayers for divine intervention to save Mutemi. But why has Kalonzo started showing another side of him that Kenyans all this time never knew?
The answer, it is said, lies in the woes Okoa Kenya led by Raila Odinga is suffering across Ukambani where OK materials have been set on fire. This has put Kalonzo in a panic as he fears that should the trend continue, he will lose grip of the community that he hopes to use as a bargain with either Raila or Uhuru Kenyatta. A loss in referendum, Kalonzo also fears would justify the calls for his exit from politics to pave way for fresh development-oriented leaders in Ukambani. Ironically, the reason Okoa Kenya is not catching in Ukambani is because those opposed to it are accusing its proponents of being experts in barren politics and cite Kalonzo’s 30 years in government as proof.
In Yatta, the Okoa materials were recently burned to protest Kalonzo’s expected presence in a fundraiser at Kithendu Secondary School where he did not turn up. Back to the NEC meeting that those in attendance said resembled the old Kanu disciplinary meetings where people were tried without being allowed to defend themselves, matters are said to have taken another dimension in Ukambani with area Wiper MPs and reps saying that they will look for other parties when the time comes because they can not live on their knees just to please a party leader and his financier.

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