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Saturday 25 October 2014


A female candidate has discontinued sitting for her KCSE exams after she got a fracture to her right arm during a fight with a male candidate in Siaya County. Victorine Anyango, 20 years, was admitted at Siaya County Referral Hospital following the incident at Ulafu Mixed Secondary School, East Alego, some 15 km from Siaya town.

The School Principal Olga Ogonya, told KNA Anyango and the other candidate, Victor Waroma, started fighting over a pen, as they were revising with other candidates for the following day’s exam, at the school field. Speaking from her hospital bed, Anyango said she forgot her pen at a spot in the field, and then returned there to search for it. ‘I asked Waroma if he had seen the pen because I found him at the spot, but he retorted that I had called him a thief and started hitting me with his shoe.’

Anyango added that Waroma then threw her down on a rock that caused the fracture to her arm, after which sympathetic students raised fare for a motorcycle that took her to the hospital. The girl’s father, Peter Opiyo, said he was called by one of the students to inform him of the incident and then went to the hospital where he was told to obtain a P3 form from police for the daughter to be attended to. The x-ray photos taken at the hospital indicated that Anyango had a fracture and a crack to the right arm bone. Anyango had only sat for her Chemistry practicals exam, when the incident occurred, and said she could not continue with the rest of the papers because of the injury.

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