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Monday 20 October 2014


Nyali MP Hezron Awiti has demanded to know who protects drug peddlers who have continued with their illicit trade in his constituency..
“I am surprised that in spite of all the warnings and frequent arrests of drug peddlers, the trade and consumption is still high. In some areas of my constituency, I come across people who are selling the substance in the open, an indication that the peddlers have powerful godfathers who always bail them out from police cells. And this could be the reason why they don’t care about being arrested,” lamented Awiti.
He called for decisive and stringent action to be taken against those behind the menace that has ruined the lives of many youth that have become zombies who  are ot be productive in the society. He said drug lords must be confronted headon by the government by naming and shaming, and prosecutiong them.
The MP asked Mombasa county commissioner Nelson Marwa to graduate from warnings and enforce arrests of drug mafia who have taken the Coastal city by storm holding it hostage.
“The county commissioner has been giving warnings to drug dealers but we don’t see them feeling the heat of his warnings. We now want him to facilitate the actual arrest of the drug dealers because what we have seen in the past is the arrest of the small petty drug peddlers which doesn’t make any impact on the vice,” he said
The legislator warned that unless the drug mafia are dismantled, they would become so powerful as to want to rule the country by sponsoring one of their own.

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