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Sunday 19 October 2014


Although it might from far look like any other domestic row gone nasty, those near the real life soap opera know the wrangle between Machakos senator Johnson Muthama and his estranged former wife Agnes Kavindu has a hidden hand fanning the fire with a view to scoring political goals against the senator.
        According to sources, what sensationally erupted last week has for weeks now been stalked by Muthama’s erstwhile foe in county politics the governor of Machakos Alfred Mutua. Sometimes back, Mutua on learning that Muthama wanted Agnes to relocate to another house and transform the house into his senate business office, Mutua hatched a plot to embarrass the senator. The plan, it is said, involved renting Agnes a single-room at Katoloni area in Machakos town that did not have running water. Once Agnes was in the single-room, Mutua would then bring the press and have her pictured carrying a water jerrican on her back as if from the neighbouring Mwania river so as to portray the senator as a ruthless man who does not take care of her.
        Agnes who is a pastor met Mutua at an interdenominational prayers held at Machakos University College presided by Bishop Wilfred Lai. Mutua was introduced to Agnes by his chief of staff Mwengi Mutuse who sold Mutua the idea of rocking Muthama’s family to slow the senator and also to divert attention of Machakos residents from Mutua’s domestic squabbles which had threatened to tear apart his political career. Mutua himself on becoming governor abandoned his wife Josephine who comes from Kalama division in the county for a new catch Lillian who hails from Central province.
According to Mwengi’s script, while Mutua’s divorce case which Josephine has threatened to file is going on, Muthama’s family case would also be going on therefore neutralising the negative publicity Mutua would receive. Importantly, the plan was also to tame Muthama for the next three years so that he has no time to fight corruption in the county government.
Before the governor’s plan materialised, Muthama moved contractors to the house for renovations but surprisingly Agnes refused to move. Interestingly, contrary to what Agnes is telling the world that she is still Muthama’s wife, facts indicate that the couple divorced close to 30 years ago. In a court order issued on July 6 1987, District Magistrate III MN Munyi states: “That the marriage between Johnson Nduya Muthama the petitioner and Agnes Kavindu Johnson the respondent be and is hereby dissolved. Given under my hand and the seal of the court at Nairobi this 12th day of August 1983”.
Despite the dissolution of the marriage, Agnes has moved to the High Court in Nairobi where the matter is pending and therefore her move to invite journalists and feminists Judy Thongori and Anne Njogu to the senator’s home was contempt of court. There are also rumours to the effect that the visitors to Muthama’s home who had journalists on tow were paid handsomely by the governor.
During the visit which turned dramatic, Agnes claimed that water was disconnected, but according to documents in our possession, the borehole that supplies water to the home is under repair.
Hydro Water Well (K) Limited which is repairing the borehole has reported what needs to be done to have it fully operational. According to Joyce Mlolwa, the project coordinator, pump re-installation will continue for reconnection of the system back to function, according to her report dated October 2 2014.
On Agnes’ claims that electricity to the executive home has been disconnected, a report written by Edward Wambua who is an electrician shows the underground cable supplying power to the main house was damaged and hence was causing power leakages to the ground. He says Sh355,000 is required for the repair of the faulty power supply.
The media reports and TV footages also defuses alleged commotion at the gate as claimed and claims that members of the press were accosted by security guards are not true. Looking at video footage, no door of the main house is broken, and claims to that effect by Agnes are not justifiable, a worker in the house said.
Agnes further claimed that the compound of the house had been littered with waste, but according to guards and workers who work in the home, the compound was cleaned the fateful day and what was seen were tree leaves that fell from the trees in the course of the day. Agnes’ claims that the main house was empty are also not true as there are two expensive sofa sets which are visible for all and sundry to see while in the same house there is a music system and a TV set visible as well, went on the worker. On the lower room there are other visible expensive seven sofa sets, carvings and mirrors.

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