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Monday 13 October 2014


Barely a month after Juja MP Francis Munyua was caught in a sex drama, it has now emerged that the MP is facing difficult political times after his perceived political opponents now claim that he does not have morals to continue being the MP based on Chapter Six of the constitution on integrity and leadership. 

Although the MP denied that he was never involved in any sex scam, his opponents now want the matter fully investigated and prosecuted and if found that he was involved in extramarital affair. They are planning to start collecting signatures to recall him and thereby force a by-election.
The MP’s opponents are now piling pressure on him to resign after he made a public announcement that should President Uhuru Kenyatta chose to travel to The Hague for the ICC Status Conference, then he was going to resign his parliamentary seat in solidarity with the president. 

It is against his own declaration that his opponents are now demanding that he tenders his resignation to the House Speaker and a by-election to follow suit. Last week, he said he would not resign saying his announcement has now been politicised. The president appeared at The Hague on Wednesday last week to attend to the ICC Status Conference.

Back to the lodging drama at Owoods Annex Hotel where the MP was reportedly robbed personal effects by a lady whom sources say he was close to. The incident happened in Kirinyaga county.
Police sources revealed that the MP reported the matter at the station alleging that he was robbed of Sh56,000 smartphone and his belt in a hotel by a woman. It is suspected that the MP had booked the hotel room with the woman he had picked at the hotel only to wake up and find the items missing. Other sources claim that he might have been drugged before being robbed. 

Police sources further divulged that the MP woke up late and on realising that he had been robbed, headed straight to the Embu Police Station at 9.30 am where he recorded the statement. The report was entered in the police occurrence book.
Sources further reveal that apart from the smart phone and the belt, the MP also lost close to Sh55,000. However, the MP in a quick rejoinder denied the claim of lost cash. 

According to the MP, he had left the phone, a Samsung 19300, in his room and left briefly, before someone entered and stole it, along with a belt. He said he suspected a member of the hotel staff.
The incident occurred when the MP was in Embu with a team of MPs on the parliamentary committee on agriculture who were on a fact-finding mission in the county.

After picking the prostitute, the MP is alleged to have gone to the hotel and the two were spotted having expensive drinks past midnight before the two lovebirds retired to their room.
Hotel sources say the woman woke up early and tried to slip away but hotel staff sent her back, saying she could not leave without her companion’s permission. The woman later left after 7 am and because it was daylight, no one stopped her, sources said. 

The MP who is known to live a private life started his primary education at Karura Forest Primary School in 1975 and sat for his CPE in 1978. He then joined Sharda High School between 1975 and 1978 where he sat for his East African Certificate of Education.
Before joining politics, he was the group general manager at Muiri Coffee Estate, Thika; Ngungugu Farm, Gatundu, Sunflower Farm and Machakos. Between 1984 and 1995, he was the estate manager at Surrey Coffee Farm. 
During the last general elections, he won on TNA ticket after garnering 40,801 while Antony Kirori of Narc got 18,501 votes and Amos Muigua of ODM got 3,559 votes.

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