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Saturday 25 October 2014


A man who claims a deputy governor kicked his testicles has allegedly been advised by doctors to undergo special surgery within a month or risk losing his manhood.
Joseph Maina, 37, (pictured) claims Murang’a Deputy Governor Augistine Gakure Monyo kicked him in his private parts on October 4 at a construction site along Ngina Road in Dagoretti. “I remember very well that Saturday evening when he visited the site.

He was complaining about building materials that had gone missing and warned us that our weekly wage of Sh4, 800 would only be paid after the thief was caught,” Joseph said.
“Before leaving, he asked if anyone had a question and I raised my hand to plead with him not to dock our pay as that would affect our livelihood. He asked me to step forward and raise the issue with him and when I got near him, he kicked me between the legs and his heavy boot caught my balls.”

Maina who claims to have worked at the construction site since its foundation two years ago said he fell down writhing in pain with blood gushing from his penis as the deputy governor walked off in a huff.
This claim is confirmed by John Mungai, one of the construction foremen at the sight.
Mungai says that, “We were about 30 workers that evening when the deputy governor kicked him. I think he was angry at Maina for raising the payment issue, after he had just complained about some building materials which had gone missing.”

“I was in a lot of pain when my colleagues took me to a nearby clinic where I received first aid. When I went back for review two days later, I was directed to get an ultra-sound.”
The father of two went to German Medical Clinic but could not raise the required Sh20,000 bill, forcing him to depend on strong painkillers which cost him Sh2,800 every week.

“It has been a nightmare for me because I cannot work or walk properly anymore, sometimes I pass a smelly mixture of blood and urine. One of the doctors who examined me said if don’t get special treatment and surgery soon, I may never satisfy a woman in my life; in fact I have never slept with my wife since the incident.”

Maina says, “What I want is for deputy governor to cater for specialised treatment to give me back my manhood, which is currently swollen and painful.  I don’t care much about the money because I can work and take care of my family.”

Jane Wangari, Maina’s wife who is now the breadwinner, says she massages her husband’s private parts the whole night to ease the pain and enable him get some sleep, “It has been a nightmare for us since the incident. I pray that he recovers one day because he is my everything.”
Maina has since reported the matter to Riruta Satellite Police Station under OB 47-410-2014, though he complains that nothing has come out of it since the deputy governor has allegedly been avoiding calls from the station as well as Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman, Nderitu Njoka, who first raised the issue when Maina contacted him.

A police constable attached to the station confirmed to The Nairobian that they were unable to reach the politician. “It’s true that Maina reported the matter, but the deputy governor told us he is was away in Italy on assignment. We will try to locate him.”

 Never met any Joseph Maina
When The Nairobian reached the deputy governor to shed light on the issue, his response what that, “I don’t know any Joseph Maina and I have many buildings in Nairobi now under construction. In fact, I am a very responsible citizen and cannot do such a thing to anybody. I have never received any call from any police station, and I would have responded immediately to any missed call.”

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