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Thursday 23 October 2014


An unsuspecting wife discovered her cheating husband had secretly married another woman 4,000 miles away - after she saw him kissing his new bride on Facebook.
Nurse Yvonne Gibney, 55, spotted photographs of oilman Maurice Gibney, 49, cuddling teacher Suzanne Prudhoe during a £45,000 ceremony in Oman after investigating gossip about his love life.
And the devastated mother-of-two discovered the love cheat had been "married" to Miss Prudhoe for 11 months and had even been walked down by the aisle by her mother-in-law.
Yvonne's step-daughter was also at the wedding, held at the British Embassy, as a bridesmaid.
Her globe-trotting husband, who earns a tax-free salary of £85,000 a year, had even cheated on her at Christmas when she went out to Oman see him.
He falsely claimed he had to go away "on business" - only to fly back to the the UK to be with Miss Prudhoe.
The father-of-three, who works as a senior contractor for Oman Oil, pleaded guilty to bigamy at Wirral Magistrates' Court in Merseyside.
He was handed a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years.
Yvonne, who had lived with Maurice in Hoylake, Merseyside, gave an emotional statement about her bigamous husband's betrayal.
She said: "I allowed myself to be manipulated and controlled by him.
"At the time of the bigamous wedding we had been married 17 years. I believed in our marriage and shared values, trust, love and respect for each other, a sense of morality.
"I loved him unconditionally and believed that love was reciprocated.
"I simply don't have the words to effectively convey the pain and hurt and sense of betrayal."
Mr Gibney had spun a web of lies claiming that he had divorced Yvonne, telling his family and Miss Prudhoe they had kept it secret for the sake of their children.
He also had falsely claimed Mrs Gibney was "crazy" and urged his family not to have any contact with her.
The couple had agreed to divorce but last February – a week before details were to be agreed – she spotted comments about her husband on Facebook and traced them to Miss Prudhoe's profile.
It was then she discovered he had illegally married Miss Prudhoe in March 2013.
Photographs of the event showed a grinning Gibney in an open-necked shirt, cream jacket and slacks kissing blonde Miss Prudhoe who was sporting a white wedding dress.
Other photos showed them exchanging vows under a white gazebo on a sandy beach.
District Judge Michael Abelson told Gibney: "You initiated into a bigamous marriage, you knew precisely what you were doing at the time you did it, there was no hiding it."
Gibney was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £80 victim surcharge.

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