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Monday 13 October 2014


Massive corruption at the Shimo la Tewa Prison in Mombasa county has attracted the attention of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission who moved in and carried with them documents for examinations following reports of extreme corruption highlighted by your favourite Weekly Citizen.

The documents were from the procurement department where the vice is said to be rampant and are to be used to unearth alleged abuse of office in procurement of commodities said  to be orchestrated by  senior officers at the prison, causing the government to lose millions of shilling in questionable deals. 

It is pointed out by suppliers to the prison that Shimo la Tewa stores department where the EACC is investigating the deals, officers use their close confidants to kill their prey and go as far as paying themselves before dealing with genuine suppliers pending bills. Surprisingly, the cost of a chicken goes at Sh4,000, according to sources privy with information contained in invoices at the accounts department.

It has emerged from those privy with regional commander’s office, a Mr Kodieny that the government has stopped payment of Ocean Trading Limited pending bills amounting to more than Sh56 million. The company owners, Messrs Rajni Shah, who is the architect could not hold his tribulation from his close associate whom he shortchanged and now are exposing him with officers at the Shimo La Tewa prison.

The companies under investigation are Dina Max Enterprises, Kenondag Enterprises, Oil Xtra Enterprises, AnWaki Enterprises, Haulpak Ltd and Omogal Enterprises, Taita Distributors, Delaijaj Enterprises, City Millennium, Zimalat Enterprises, Geke Enterprises and Soniko Enterprises. The companies are said to be associated with senior officers at the prison and self-styled brokers who take advantage of their positions during suppliers where millions are minted. 

With rising cases of corruption like that of Anglo Leasing in which the government paid in unclear circumstances, the Inspector General of Police  David Kimaiyo recently gave stern warning  to  officers living luxuriously with corruption allegations syndicates hanging around their shoulders.

 The senior prison officers at the coast should be investigated on land grabbing syndicate and corruption at the prison, sources told Weekly Citizen. The Commissioner of Prisons is alleged to be protecting corrupt officers in his docket for his personal gain at the Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison.

The most affected by corruption are Manyani and Malindi prisons in Coastal province. It was revealed from suppliers that  the officer in charge of Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison is alleged to be a major supplier of food and other commodities through his company Taita Distributors registered in the name of his son. The prison officer who was posted two years ago from Nakuru prison, is claimed to be the richest officer at the prison and brags to be connected to  a senior Commissioner of Prison Service, whom he is alleged to be building  an apartment at a disputed plot of Kalimo Upepo Settlement Scheme, Shanzu. 

The officer is alleged to have built a multi-million hotel on the outskirts of Mtwapa in Kilifi. It is now being pointed out that officers at Shimo la Tewa Prison are demanding the removal of a Mr Nyuto on allegation of tribalism, corruption and abuse of office. Statistics indicate that during his reign at the prison, he has interdicted 10 prison officers for not toeing his line on flimsy excuses and reasons. Last week, after the outcry of suppliers to the prison and intervention by human rights organisations, the Commissioner of Prisons Mr Isaiah  Osugo facilitated the release of Sh20 million to suppliers, which was distributed in unclear circumstances by the said officer. 

“It’s now clear that corruption at the Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison is being practiced openly by the officer in charge of the prison,” lamented a supplier who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being victimised by the said officer.

This happens as the officer in charge of the prison is being investigated for the multi-million shilling tender scam in the construction of staff quarters under the Rapid Response Initiative project. He has denied the allegations being levelled against him.

Civil society organisations have criticised the Johnstone Kavuludi Commission for giving a wide berth to the prison department vetting exercise.The more than 60 suppliers are soon to hold a demonstration to press for their dues  from the prison with claims the Sh 20 million released recently  was paid to those loyal to the officer in charge.

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