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Sunday 26 October 2014


The county government of Trans Nzoia has taken back its ambulance vehicle that had been parked for some months at Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi’s home raising eyebrows as to whether the vehicle belonged to MP.
The ambulance was one of the six vehicles that were procured by the county government to help patients in each sub county that was launched in Kiminini and re-launched in Kwanza constituency. The vehicles have never assisted even residents since the MP had parked it in his compound instead of realising it to help patients in need.
Kwanza residents have been wondering why the MP kept the vehicle in his home as if it was private vehicle.
A source from the county said Governor Patrick Khaemba sent the enforcement officers accompanied by the driver who struggled to enter the MP’s home and took the ambulance back to the county’s yard. “We were locked outside the gate but we managed to enter and take the vehicle as instructed by our boss,” one of the enforcement officers said.
The governor’s move to take back the ambulance that was not serving the people of Kwanza was prompted by residents who were planning to demonstrate pointing fingers at Khaemba.
Residents of Kwanza are said to be unhappy with the MP’s leadership in the constituency that has many cases of child labour in ADC farms and is still home of squatters. Kwanza has few health facilities compared to other constituencies in the county and the ambulance was to help rush patients to hospital when there  was such a need.
The constituency is also known to come last in national examination especially KCPE due to lack of motivation from the stakeholders that include MP.
Adapal  Lokhone,  a voter of Kolongolo, said the re is need to inject fresh blood in the leadership of Kwanza constituency. She condemned the MP for making roadside decisions without involving residents who have much to contribute to constituency development agenda.
Adapali praised the move by Khaemba to take back the vehicle but wondered  why the governor has not provided  the emergency call  number for the ambulance to the residents  saying that it is hard for a patient to get the service due to lack of communication.
“Ama Khaemba atupatie namba yake tukiwa na mgonjwa tunamucall yeye mwenyewe (or Khaemba should  give us his telephone number to call him in case  we have a patient)”, said Adapali,  one of  those who had planned the demonstration.
The MP who is also the chairman of Ford Kenya party in Trans Nzoia has been told to stop interfering with Matumbei ward. The MP is said to be cautioning one of the officials from visiting the aspirant in Matumbei without his permission which the officials claimed to be illthought of the MP who is allegedly not performing as the party chairman in the county.The official said he has been bringing Ford Kenya aspirants together to chart the way forward ahead of the by- election for the seat that fell vacant after the death of Ronald Matongolo.
Separately Trans Nzoia women representative Janet Nangabo has come under attack from some residents who say she has failed to represent women. Some have even asked parliament to scrap the position of women rep which they said they do not see its benefits
Speaking in Namanjalala led   by a resident  Merry Nasolo, they said that they have never heard problem facing women of Trans Nzoia being discussed in the parliament yet  women have a lot of issues affecting them. Nangabo was heckled  in a funeral.
A politician Ben Mulipuko had told residents to demand from her how many women in Namanjalala have benefited with women funds.Drama ensued when she failed to answer and heckling rent the air forcing her to jump into her Prado and leave the funeral. Mulipuko said residents were not happy with her daily premature politics while women wanted to see her seriously engage in development. Mulipuko said at the beginning Nangabo was working well but power got into head.
He said that Kitale town is full of young girls who are engaging in prostitution but the women rep seems to have no agenda to help the girls to start income-generating activities that can earn them a living. Instead, he said, she normally sings to women to register companies without educating them on how to go about it. Mulipuko challenged Nangabo to change her politics or else it will cost her come 2017.
Recently, she invited women to her home but allegedly left without telling them when the number that came it surprised.

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