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Thursday 23 October 2014


An ailing Baringo County woman claims Baringo North MP William Kipkiror Cheptumo hired her to lure a vocal pastor opposed to his leadership into a sex trap.

Nancy Tarkok, 48, who hails from Kasiryo village in Ossen in Kabartonjo in Baringo North, now seeks forgiveness from Reverend Daniel Kipsanai, the presiding pastor at Kasiryo African Inland Church, whom she unsuccessfully ensnare in a sex scandal.

She claims the second-term MP invited her to his office in Nairobi during the 2013 election campaigns and instructed her to “teach the pastor a lesson” following long-standing political rivalry between them.

Tarkok, Cheptumo’s one-time political broker, claims the lawmaker paid her Sh10,000 upfront and promised her “good things’” if she executed the plan properly. She adds that the MP convinced her she was the one best suited for the job because she worshipped at the pastor’s church.

But when contacted, Hon Cheptumo strongly refuted the claims and said he only gave Tarkok money when her family was undergoing through difficulty.  “This confession sounds like a movie to me,” he told The Nairobian, unconsciously echoing Deputy President William Ruto’s words when he was named among the Ocampo six.

Tarkok on the other hand says the man of God sidestepped the trap because “he is a difficult man to bring down.”
“I tried the pastor three times, but without success. I am sorry Cheptumo wanted to use me to commit such an evil act for political benefit, and I beg for the pastor’s forgiveness,” Tarkok confessed.

In an apparent attempt to bed the pastor, Tarkok claims she once waited for him in Kabarnet town after learning that he was travelling from Eldoret and trailed him for hours, while updating the MP. The reverend apparently slipped through the evil plot.

“I had planned to trap him the best way possible but he got away,” confessed the woman.
Rev Kipsanai who also doubles up as chairman of Ossen Dioceses, a region widely perceived to be a ‘swing’ vote area in Baringo North politics, told The Nairobian that at one point, he had to padlock his house from outside  and get in through the window to avoid Tarkok who kept visiting him in the dead of the night.

“Tarkok had stalked me for a long time and I read mischief in her interest in me. That is why I locked my door from outside and pretended to be away. She knocked the door and kept calling my name. She left very disappointed,” says the pastor.
Towards the end of 2013, Tarkok decided to confess after she became ill and is now bedridden.
“The pastor is an innocent man of God. I tempted him three times but I couldn’t failed. He is truly faithful. I have to confess since I am now helpless,” she told the pastor during her confession.

Rev Kipsanai says Tarkok, who spoke with difficulty due to the ailment, was emotional as she sought forgiveness.
“I had to calm her down. She did not want to die with the secret and even feared the strange ailment might have been a curse. Her confession shocked me. It made me recall the time Cheptumo told me, ‘Mbona unanichunachuna kila pahali? Si uwachane na mimi (Why do you keep on pinching me all over? Why can’t you let me be?),” said Rev Kipsanai, who says he has forgiven the woman and the MP.

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