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Monday 13 October 2014


Kitui county deputy secretary Fred Muli is a man in trouble. His estranged wife Winrose Muli is reportedly said to be on the loose and out to fix him. We have information that Winrose, a supply and procurement officer at Nakuru county commissioner’s office for a long time has allegedly been having an affair with the managing director of a controversial construction firm Jemororan which claims to have offices in Nakuru and Kericho. The MD, due to his underdeals, has kept on changing names. At one time he is called Wycliffe Cheruiyot and at times Rono.
It is claimed Jemorora Construction Company is not duly registered by government and is engaged in tax evasion. Surprisingly, it has been able to win multi-million tenders due to the influence of corrupt government officials. It does not file returns at Attorney General Chambers and Kenya Revenue Authority, it is claimed.
It is said, using her influence as a procurement officer at Nakuru DC’s office, Winrose has been able to award tenders to Cheruiyot’s firms. Already, workers at the DC’s office are complaining that the procurement officer handles more money than her salary and lives a lavish lifestyle.
Our sources told us Winrose and Cheruiyot run businesses as a husband and wife. She has bought a house in Nakuru after deserting a multi-million shillings family residence in Nakuru which Muli constructed while working in Nakuru district commissioner office as DO1.
She recently bought a new car and is a frequent visitor in popular social joints in Nakuru. Winrose claims Muli hired a hit squad to assassinate Cheruiyot. The matter is being handled by police.
Cheruiyot, it is said, claims to be close to top security officers including Inspector General David Kimaiyo, and KRA Commissioner General Njiraini.

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