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Sunday 19 October 2014


All is not well at the University of Nairobi after word leaked out that the outgoing vice-chancellor George Magoha is involved in behind-the-scenes deals to have his contract extended for two years.
Investigations now reveal that after his position was advertised, short listing done and interviews carried out, a number of names of possible successor are now out.
According to sources well versed with the Magoha succession, among them are Prof Peter Mbithi who is also the deputy VC (Academic Affairs), Prof Lucy Irungu who is also the deputy VC (Research Production and Extension) and a Prof Agnes Mwang’ombe from Coast. On gender consideration, ladies are advantaged.
To ensure that the succession fails, Magoha has reached out to Charles Mukhwaya who is the secretary-general of Federation of Public Service Trade Unions of Kenya who also doubles as an official of University Staff Union and a number of student leaders who are sympathetic to him to help scuttle the process.
Last week, he called a CPC meeting which started at 11am and ended at 2pm where people he perceived to be likely successors were heckled. This was part of his gameplan to have his term extended.
Sources revealed that Mbithi scored 83.5 points, followed by Mwang’ombe, the principal of College of Agriculture and Veterinary who scored 77.3. Prof Isaac Mbeche who is the deputy vice-chancellor, Student Affairs, was third with 68 points while Irungu who is the deputy vice-chancellor, Research, Production and Extension, was fourth with 67.6 points. However, due to his tainted image among it, a rape case saga, Mbithi immorality and social life is his undoing and is likely to cost him.
Should his plan B to have a two-year extension fail and which is most likely, he has plotted to have Mbithi succeed him. Mbithi and Magoha are buddies. The two have hired the services of one Nyandemo to do the dirty jobs for them. The two are also known not to have any kind words for Education minister Prof Jacob Kaimenyi. Also in the Magoha camp is one Sila, currently on study leave but is a CEO in Machakos county.
The Magoha team has been holding their meetings at the Lillian Towers just a spit from the university. During the closed-door meetings, sources say money has always exchanged hands to influence the succession race in favour of Mbithi if Magoha plot flops. Magoha and Mbithi are allied to Cord. The VC is close to former chancellor Joe Wanjui, a buddy of Raila Odinga while Mbithi is a friend of Kalonzo Musyoka.  

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