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Saturday 25 October 2014


A 23 year old woman in Meru County has opted not to drown with common lamentations among the youth that there were no jobs.

Despite challenges of unemployment among the youth Doreen Kinya has remained focused and taken a job many her peers would despise- a security guard with Brinks Security Company in Meru town.

Speaking to KNA at her place of work at the Meru county Ministry of Housing Department offices, Kinya said after completing her secondary school education in 2012, she was eager to continue with her studies but her parents could not afford the sh. 100,000 required to undertake a (diploma) course in Purchasing and Supplies Management at Nairobi Aviation College.
Disillusioned, she decided to move away from home in search of any form of employment to enable her cater for her personal basic provisions.

She attended Lubuathirua primary school and on passing her KCPE exams joined Lubuathirua day secondary school since her parents could not afford to keep her in a boarding secondary school where she sat for her KCSE exams and managed to score a C-.

“I made stopovers in many premises within my Tigania east sub county in search of job, but all turned me down,” she said adding that when she was about to give up she gave a try in Meru town and the security company took her in.

She said her encounter with the CEO of the company Mwangangi Kalanza was rather dramatic as he was skeptical whether she was capable of handling the available job- thought to be exclusive for male officers and poor academic performers.

“After listening to me keenly and awed with my courage and academic qualifications, Kalanza took me in but on casual basis,” she narrated noting that she was determined to engage in any form of employment as long as an income was assured.
She observed that an income was badly needed to support her siblings and parents who eked little from their small farm back home.

The 23 year old claims that she did not take marriage as an option immediately after completing her secondary school education saying it was not the best decision at that time considering that marriage would come with more responsibilities and commitments likely to work against her wish to pursue further.

Kinya has remained grateful to her employer for having confirmed her into permanent bracket after which heralded some privileges besides her monthly salary of sh.6, 500 which helps her live above average life in Meru town besides many other commitments back at home.

She also appreciates her parents for encouraging her to work hard and ensure she enrolled for her dream training in future.
“I am convinced that in the next two or three years, I will have saved enough to pay for my college education (diploma in supplies and purchasing), thereafter venture into self-employment,” Kinya said.

She, however, noted that the male dominated job was not devoid of challenges citing uncomfortable long working hours.
Kinya, however, encouraged young women to shun the culture of choosing jobs challenging them to grab any available opportunity and contribute to the development of the country.
Brinks Security Company Manager, Mr. Mwangangi Kalanza commended Kinya for her excellent duty performance noting that the company had no intention of releasing her to any other organization as she had proved to be a valuable asset.

He pledged the company’s commitment to assisting her in realizing her dream of furthering education while working since there were very many higher learning institutions within Meru town where Kinya could enroll as a part time student.

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