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Monday 4 August 2014


Some members of Kisumu county assembly are calling upon the area medical director Ojwang’ Lusi to invoke the public health act and arrest one of their colleagues who has a sexually transmitted disease which he infected a female colleague with during their recent retreat in Kwale within Coast region.

The agitated MCAs are saying that if their colleague is not treated, he will spread the venereal disease as witnessed recently.

The female MCA who comes from Nyakach constituency no longer stays with her husband as she infected the husband and she was sent away. “I am really surprised that in this era some people still have sexual intercourse without protection,” lamented one of his colleagues.
Another MCA added that if the said people’s representative is not taken for treatment, they will introduce a bill to compel the medical director to treat him or obtain a court order.
They wonder how many of the leaders’ female voters have faced what their female colleague underwent.

Contacted for comment, the MCA said that it is the closeness to Raila that is making his fellow MCAs to say things against him.

“That MCA wanted to blackmail me with the said issue but I told her off regardless of anything which happened. We were all given allowances for the meeting why did she want my money,” he added saying he was going to make an official  report to the police about the incident.

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