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Sunday 10 August 2014


A manager of a clearing and forwarding firm at Malaba border town escaped death by a whisker when a scheme by his wife to have him poisoned flopped at the last minute.

Speaking to Weekly Citizen in Malaba Dickson Akolo who hails from Luanda, Vihiga county revealed that the wife had made arrangements of killing him by paying the murderer Sh50,000 upon completion of the mission.

The man, a manager of a prominent clearing and forwarding firm at Malaba border, claimed he was to be given poison through an injection while in police cells by a doctor.
It was revealed that the whole operation was to take place at Mbale Police Station where the man had been locked up in cells due to domestic squabbles.

The woman, Caroline Akolo  Angote,  according to the man conspired with a relative of the husband who is a driver, to kill him by injecting him with poison and was to be paid the said amount.
The drama was later to open out to open when the assignee to kill the husband of the wife was released from cells. The driver then narrated the episode to the innocent husband how the wife had planned to kill him by injecting him poison.

“The relative called the wife and informed her that he had injected the husband and had started becoming dizziness,” the he said.
It was said that the man was taken to a specific hospital which the wife had identified where he was to be pronounced dead on arrival.

The driver then told the wife about the death of the husband who said that she was going to collect the body. The woman was arrested by CID officers who had been informed about the incident and taken to Malaba Police Station.

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