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Sunday 10 August 2014


The Taita Community Council of Elders Association secretary general Peter Mambembe has rubbished as propaganda, remarks by James Orengo, a former minister for Lands that some one woke up from deep sleep in 1963 and grabbed 70pc of land in T aita Taveta county.

He told off Orengo and urged him to refrain from misleading Kenyans because his reckless and defamatory and inflammatory reports are baseless and unfounded and challenged him to withdraw it as it had no facts and therefore, irrelevant that should be ignored by peace loving Kenyans.

Mambembe warned the senator to stop using the name of president Uhuru Kenyatta and that of deputy president William Ruto as scapegoats whenever he is cornered in allegations of land grabbing syndicates where he misused power and abuse of office to locate land to allegedly dubious companies for selfish gain.

He said land in Taita Taveta is a volatile issue because it is being politicised for political selfish gains and challenged Orengo to tell Kenyans why he failed to cancel the irregular title deeds in Taita Taveta county when he was in power and why he is now beating about the bush tarnishing names of individuals to divert attention.

Mambembe noted that Taita Taveta communities had several cabinet ministers appointed by the late President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and the former retired President Daniel Arap Moi who could have corrected and solved the land issue in the area if they were illegally acquired.

He said the Taitas bought the sisal estate land from a foreigner and when the late minister Danson Mwanyumba requested the Taita and Taveta communities to merge the land and name it Taita Sisal Estate, they disagreed and the land was sold to the highest bidder because the community failed to repay for the loan acquired to purchase the said land.

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