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Sunday 17 August 2014


Trouble is looming at Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology located in Bondo over the award of tenders without following due diligence as prescribed in the public procurement and disposal act.

Already, the management is at war with claims that the vice-chancellor and his allies are openly fronting for certain firms to win lucrative tenders without being subjected to the rule of the law. To complicate matters, the vice-chancellor is said not put academic standards at the forefront as is required with institutions of higher learning.

Instead, the VC is alleged to be out to enrich himself and his cronies by controlling development and academic projects money solely and with his cronies.

He is further alleged to have a dubious background of soliciting funds from international agencies which eventually end up in his own pockets or those of his numerous concubines. He is alleged to be in charge of a research organisation which he uses to strike deals and make a killing.

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