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Monday 4 August 2014


Khwisero constituents have taken a serious issue with their MP Benjamin Andola whom they accused of telling them to call his wife when they can not find him and wondered whether they elected the MP or his wife to parliament.

Led by civil society activist Samuel Kutoto, they claimed the legislator had abandoned the constituents since he was elected to represent the constituency in the August house.
Speaking at a Mailo market, Kutoto said the MP’s number had been diverted to his wife’s phone therefore making it hard to get to their MP.

“His number has now been diverted so that when you call his wife picks and demands to know why you are looking for Mheshimiwa, and this is sad,” said Kutoto.
Andola, according to those who have called, directs all callers to wait for development in the name of CDF on the ground.

“The lady keeps saying that it was the CDF committee that is supposed to distribute development cash and the MP needs not be there,” said Kutoto.
He said most constituents seeking the MP were now resorting to register as voters in the nearby Butere constituency due to the availability of the area MP Andrew Toboso who is always in his constituency inspecting development.

“When voter registration begins, we will register and vote in Butere because the MP there, according to our observation, is readily available,” said Atenya, a business lady.
Weekly Citizen investigations reveal that the MP has left the running of the constituency to a few of his henchmen who control CDF and project programmes.

Also, we established through numerous inside sources that several old men surrounding the MP were preventing him from coming on the ground due to their “insatiable demands”.
Contacted, Andola’s number was answered by a female voice who promised to call back but had not by the time of going to press.

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