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Monday 4 August 2014


Kenya faithful Machakos diocese have lauded the move by the Anglican Church of England to ordain female bishops adding that it was in tandem with the changing Christian dynamics of the 21st century.

Speaking to the press at Wamunyu, Mwala and Kithimani markets recently the faithful supported the Anglican Church of Kenya top leadership on need to change the church constitution which hitherto referred to bishops as “he” in a bid to keep at bay lawsuits from busy bodies in the event a female was elected bishop.

The faithful were further buoyed by the fact that a female was likely to be ordained bishop in Embu diocese before the end of the year and called on the entire female faithful to back Rosemary Mbogo, once elections are called.

The few senior female priests in Machakos diocese told Weekly Citizen that they stand to benefit massively from the landmark move despite the fact that the English Synod was not binding on all the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion in the world.
They were all in agreement together with their male counterparts that the church’s move signaled a renaissance of the modern church.

They pointed out that there was nothing in the scriptures that barred a woman from ascending to the highest office in the church hierarchy adding that it was an invention of the early Christian church of 10th AD which was male dominated.

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