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Monday 4 August 2014


Kwanza constituency residents have condemned their MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi for his decision to purchase a hearse as if he wants his people to die  instead of focusing on key development issues in the constituency.

Residents led by an elder Renson Buti, said the MP has failed to involve professions, elders, the youth and the administration to decide which projects need priority instead of buying a hearse.
Buti noted that the constituency is lacking in health facilities, adding that preventive measures should be one of the agendas but instead observed that the MP lacked direction. “How can he purchase a hearse while we don’t have enough health facilities in various wards,” he pondered.

Speaking to the press in the Kwanza constituency after the unveiling of the hearse, Buti said surprisingly, some schools in Kwanza were still in a sorry state yet there was CDF to give them a facelift. He recounted that recently, the senate chairman on education Daniel Karaba,  who is senator of Kirinyaga with his team had criticised the MP for failing to equip schools. Ford Kenya Party boss who is also minority leader in the senate Moses Wetang’ula queried why the MP had allowed such a shame in his constituency by not propelling the education sector and asked him to address the issue as a top priority. Kalaba also promised to install electricity in the school so that students can have a feel of a developing nation.

A resident Rosa Namunyu accused the MP of having failed Kwanza people adding that they do not see any worth in purchase of a hearse “although people know death is normal and is there”. Namunyu quoted the book of Proverbs Chapter 16 verse 7 and said leaders should have perfect visions not to wish people to die.

She challenged the MP organise forums in every ward so that electorate can decide and front the kind of development projects they want in their areas.

Residents castigated Wanyonyi  saying that he will enter into the books of records for purchasing a hearse for his people as if he wished them dead instead of looking for preventive measures like establishing more health facilities and equipping them adequately and put them at par with other constituencies in Trans Nzoia county.

Teachers in Kwanza who sought anonymity said the MP lacked ways to motivate teachers to improve school performance. Kwanza constituency performed poorly in last year’s national KCPE exam results where the constituency came tail in the county rankings and almost last on the national chart. Namunyu asked the MP to involve residents in his development agenda and stop roadside decisions of waking up in the morning with decisions that place his constituent’s priorities in the opposite.

“Ooh, my God! This means the vehicle will be parked waiting for people to die so that to transport the body to the mortuary! I am wondering which kind of a vision is this,” lamented Namunyu.

To cover the shame after the MP received the wrath of the residents, county minister for health Ken Simiyu was set with one ambulance vehicle for Kwanza subcounty that was bought and launched two months ago by the county government to blind the people and make them not to concentrate so much on a hearse vehicle.

In his speech, the MP said people were facing challenges when their loved ones pass on for lack of transporting the corpse  and that it was for this reason that he decided to buy a hearse to help them adding that the hearse was like any other car and he did not see any reason why people were complaining. Others however praised the MP saying the hearse will ease their funeral expenses.

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