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Sunday 24 August 2014


Former president Daniel Moi’s son Raymond Moi and former cabinet minister Henry Kosgey’s son Alex Kimutai Kosgey risk losing their seats for absenteeism in the National Assembly.
However, their colleagues in parliament want to change rules on matters relating to one losing a seat if he fails to attend sittings without clear reasons.

The two MPs from Rift Valley have never taken parliamentary business seriously. According to parliamentary records, Kosgey, who represents Emgwen constituency, leads the list of lawmakers who have missed sittings with an accumulative sum of 68 sittings followed by Moi.
Their continued skipping of parliamentary debates has sparked speculations back in their respective constituencies with some making attempts of petition the House Speaker to declare their seats vacant.

Former Rongai constituency MP Luka Kigen had petitioned the National Assembly over Moi the man who beat him in the last election.
According to parliamentary records, Kosgey is yet to make his maiden speech and is rarely in the House. He has made a few technical appearances for the period he has served the people of Emgwen. Recently, he was to speak on parliamentary floor but skipped even after the speaker giving him a nod.

Kosgey who sources say has been busy at his private office attending to his private business including a radio station has been overheard telling his allies that he regrets why he joined politics and could be considering resigning soon.

He has once told his friends that what he gets from running his personal and family business is far much above what he earns as an MP. Apart from being absent from parliament, he has also become a rare visitor in his own constituency.

During the last general elections, Kosgey shocked many when he contested the Emgwen seat on URP ticket despite his father running for the Nandi senatorial seat on ODM ticket. He was overwhelmingly elected with 29,485 votes.

Others who contested against him were Albert Kayi of Party of Action (422), Amos Shilibwa of Federal Party of Kenya (610), Keter Gabriel of National Agenda Party of Kenya (186), Sammy Koskei of Kanu (406), Malel Kipkosgei of National Vision Party of Kenya (5,105), Ndeda Babira of Chama Cha Mwananchi (751) and James Tanui of United Democratic Forum Party who garnered 1,372 votes. This was, however, the first time Kosgey was making debut in elective politics.

Raymond on the other hand, is also known to have told his allies that he is better off doing business than sitting in parliament and waiting for Sh900,000 after 30 days. He too is said to be considering tendering his resignation and to concentrate on business proper. This was, however, his second attempt to win a parliamentary seat.

His first attempt was in 2007 when former President Moi’s three sons were defeated in various constituencies, Gideon Moi (Baringo Central), Jonathan Toroitich (Eldama Ravine) and Raymond Moi (Rongai). However, in the last election things changed in favour of the Mois. Gideon was elected Baringo senator while Raymond clinched the Rongai parliamentary seat. They won on Kanu tickets defying the URP and Jubilee wave that swept across most of the Rift Valley.

Analysts, however, say Raymond benefitted following the fallout in URP during the party primaries. Kigen’s nomination was bitterly contested by Alex Lagat and John Kitillit who said the polls had been marred by massive irregularities. Following the dispute over the primaries, Lagat defected to Agano while Kitillit shifted to UDF.

During the last general elections vying on a Kanu ticket, Raymond garnered 16,828 votes. Others were Alex Langat of AP (1,068), Antony Thuo of TNA (5,085), Billy Kiprop of Safina (2,036), Caroline Ndungu of GNU (384), John Muya of KNC (216), John Kitiliti of UDFP (1,432), Luka Kigen of URP (8,216), Peter Lagat of Narc (8,002), Rosemary Kurgat of ODM (2,679), Sammy Kogo of  NVP (197).

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